Morita was a Scion of Clan Brujah, the childe of Antonius and an Elder of important accomplishments. She was a influential member of the coterie known as the Brotherhood of Brodhar until its dissolution in the early 7th century. She died in combat against the creature known as Corax in AD 642.

Morita was born the daughter of a noble Briton family in the outskirts of Londinium, in the early 4th century. Stunningly beautiful, her destiny as the trophy wife of some older Roman official was certain even before she reached her teens. This was nothing what the young girl wanted from life, so she ran away at the age of 14. She eventually found herself in one of the camps of “Legio II Augusta”, the Legion based in Isca Augusta. The soldiers took her in with curiosity, teaching her to use weapons, and fighting with each other for her affection. Morita enjoyed her time, until she drew the attention of the Zealot patron of the Legion, the Scion Elder Antonius.

He took her in with great interest, making her his ghoul at first, but finally, in AD 323, he bestowed the Embrace unto her. She stayed with her sire for almost three decades, learning the tenets of Via Regalis, and about the world of vampires, until she decided to return to Londinium. There she encountered the Prodigal Artisan Kaeila. The two vampires found each other almost instantly, becoming intense lovers in the final nights of the Empire.

When Constantine marched the Legions out of Britannia, Antonius departed with them. Morita was torn between the love for Kaeila, and her obligations to her sire, as a Scion. She pleaded in vain for Kaeila to accompany them, but eventually chose to honor her oath and left. After the Legions demise in Gaul three years later, and with her sire succumbing to the Sleep of Ages, Morita decided to return. She arrived shortly after Lucius Varro had returned to the city and ascended the throne. She swore a blood oath to the prince (as most other at that time), and began searching for Kaeila. When she found her, she was preparing to leave Londinium. Kaeila was overjoyed at meeting her lost love, and asked for her to accompany her. Once again, Morita was torn between love and her oath, and once again she chose to honor the latter. She gave Kaeila the rest of the night as headstart before reporting to Varro. He commanded Morita to hunt down her former lover immediately. As she finally caught up with her, she ran afoul of a coterie of vampires and was staked and captured by Octavius Sibius.

She was eventually released from captivity, but she was not the same vampire as before. Her participation in the great war against the Lupine gave her something else to do, instead of thinking of the past. After the war, she made peace with the fact that Kaeila was lost to her, and decided never to give in to any feelings of affection. She eventually became a member of The Brotherhood of Brodhar, her courtly training put to use as their formal voice outwards. In the winter of AD 450, she was part of a tragic incident involving the same coterie as four decades earlier. The encounter sent her into torpor at the hands of Gaius Aegius, but she was eventually “rescued” by her fellow comrades in the Brotherhood, Cornelius and Patros.

In AD 616, she made a pact with Octavius, assisting him in his quest to dethrone Valerius Marcon. She also struck a deal with Bodgar concerning future cooperation. Unfortunately, she fell into torpor during the battle at Marcon’s court.
When she finally awoke from her torpid state she found herself in the care of Prince Octavius who promised her shelter and protection in his domain until her future domain could be cleared from Bernicians and the likes. She eventually took upon herself to serve as a vassal to Octavius, from her haven at Fort Mediolanum.

She served her younger lord faithfully for the remainder of her existence, and during that time she also reestablished her relation with Kaeila, who was now a part of Octavius court in Deva. The two lovers found each other once again after more than two centuries apart, and shared a love still sung by minstrels more than two hundred years later. This tale ended tragically in AD 642, the night after the battle at Maes Cogwy, southwest from Deva. In her effort to aid the injured from the battle, Kaeila was attacked by the creature Corax, who tore her to pieces. Morita, seeing her love destroyed, flew into a violent frenzy and attacked the monster ferociously before being shred fatally and suffering Final Death.


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