Mithras. Even the name itself demands respect from cainites all over Britannia, especially among the First Cursed. The legendary warrior-king who forged the Vampiric Courts of Britannia from the chaos of barbarians, Lupines and and sheer feral wilderness. To the mortals in his cult, he is the Living God, the Bullslayer. The Sun-God who spends his days guiding the sun across the firmament, and thus only presents himself at nights. To the cainites he is the Elder among Elders. The embodiment of the Warlords ideals. A Methuselah already ancient when other Elders hadn’t entered their mortal lives. A formidable force of personality with millennia of experience handling cainite politics. He is, simply put, Mithras.

The mortal warrior named Mithras was born somewhere in ancient Persia, where his skills in leadership and martial prowess drew the attention of his sire, the Ventrue Antediluvian, Veddartha. He eventually arrived in Rome, after spending centuries honing his new abilities, where he encountered the Clan Elders, and their ways of politics. Mithras was a warrior first, and chose to turn his back on his “weak” brethren and found his calling in the Legions of the Empire. There he assumed the role of the Persian Sun-God, and established the Cult of Mithras among the soldiers (if he simply usurped an already present deity or in fact created it is very much up for debate, Mithras himself for sure won’t speak of it). He traveled with the Legions for quite some time, until he arrived on the Island of Britannia.

What he found there is hard for anyone to know. Maybe the Land spoke to him, alluring him with it’s riches and promise of glory. Or maybe he was just tired of traveling and decided to settle down in the first place he liked. The fact remains that Mithras arrived in Britannia and made it his domain. No one could resist him. Whether captivated by his force of personality, submitted to obedience by his martial prowess or slain outright, the cainites of Britannia had no choice but to kneel before him and abide by his Laws. Of course this didn’t happen over a few nights, but the fact remains that it eventually did happen. He assembled his new allies and vassals, organizing them in a massive effort to rid his domains from the feared Lupines. After then he could find the peace to found his reich.

Throughout the Roman Era, Mithras remained the ruler of Britannia. From his throne in Londinium, he created his Blood Laws and upheld the Traditions. Every major city’s prince had to swear oaths of fealty to the Throne of Londinium, and treason was punished severely. He appointed special agents, called Satraps, who acted as informants, law enforcers, spokespersons and, when needed, assassins. These agents were fiercely loyal to Mithras and were seen with a mixture of fear and respect by the lesser princes. Mithras also held power through his cult. The Cult of Mithras grew into a great power source for the Ancient. As many military officers and civilian high authorities were inducted into the cults hierarchy, Mithras had a very subtle weapon to use against eventual opponents. The cults mortals acted as regiments of spies and informants, with information running through the hierarchy until reaching the ears of Mithras.

Mithras only had two childer, as far as scribes can know. His First Son is named Lucius Varro. He actually recieved the Embrace during the Roman Republic, long before they settled in Britannia. He was an ambitious child, always showing his superb political skills to his sire when the opportunity arose. His Second Son, was taken from the ranks of his mortal cult. His name is Marcus Verus. He was a soldier, and acted as the Living God’s warlord. Bringing war to his enemies when the need came up.

As the Empire grew old, so did it’s vampire inhabitants. Decadence and petty intrigue tired the Ancient. His leadership grew static and uninspired. Rebellions rose up more frequently and were dealt even more harshly. Barbarians threatened at the borders of Civilization. When the betrayal came, it was a chock to the Ancient. His First Son had manipulated the general Constantine (III) into a usurper for the Empires throne, and so left with the legions from Britannia, leaving the country unprotected. Several previously loyal vassals joined with Varro. But the majority still stayed loyal to Mithras. Frightened by the thought of a barbarian upheaval, they trusted their patron to keep them safe. Mithras grew cold and detached. The Satraps were forced to convince his vassals that everything was in order. When the news of the Goths sacking Rome reached Londinium in the fall of AD 410, this proved to much for Mithras. He left the city and despite the pleading from his loyal subjects, he entered the Sleep of Ages deep beneath the stone floor of his Mithraeum, leaving his vassals plead for help against the barbarians unanswered.


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