Cornelius, also called “The Carthaginian Beast”, is a powerful Elder of Clan Brujah. His battle skills are legendary among younger members of the clan, and many tremble when hearing his name. He is a thorn in the side of many princes because of his disrespect of authority and anyone he deems as weak. He is a respected Feral who isn’t easily forgotten.

Born in the Phoenician city of Tyre, somewhere in the 3rd century BC, Cornelius was the youngest son of a Roman legislate. He was fostered in a traditional Roman way, receiving a formal education and later induced into the Legions, when the Second Punic War started and Hannibal brought his hordes over the Alps. Cornelius stood among the Hastati (raw, inexperienced soldiers) in the first line on that bloody day in Cannae 216 BC. Among the few survivors of the Roman Legions annihilated that day, Cornelius was taken prisoner and sent to Carthage with a few hundred other prisoners.

In Carthage, Cornelius encountered the unique “paradise” of cainites. Vampires openly ruled among the mortal population, who gave their blood as gifts to the Gods of the Night. Cornelius met his sire, Hanno, who tutored him unto the good things in life as food, women and wine for several years, before he brought him into the night. Cornelius was the second childe of Hanno, the first being a carthaginian named Hamar.

When the Third Punic War broke out in the 2nd century BC, with anxious Ventrue Elders in the shadows behind the Empire, set on destroying their Brujah adversaries for good, Carthage was in turmoil. In a moment of uncontrolled passion, Hamar committed the act of Amaranth upon Hanno, and left Carthage. Cornelius vowed revenge, and followed him to Iberia, where they fought. Hamar emerged victorious, and Cornelius fell into torpor, and remained for nearly a century.

The world had changed much when he awoke, and he traveled the world, seeking his adversary. He fought in countless battles, honing his skills and learning about the world. He eventually came to Britannia, where he befriended the young Ventrue Scion Marcus Verus, despite their differenses. They fought together for more than two centuries, until one night in the Fall of AD 407, near the city of Deva Victrix.

Cornelius had found out that his long lost older “brother”, had made his haven among the Celtic inhabitants of Hibernia. As the “Irish” invaded, he left the company of Verus, and rode into battle alongside the Briton defenders. He seeked out Hamar on the battlefield and attacked him with great fury. Once again, Cornelius was defeated, descending into torpor. Hamars victory was short-lived, however, as he became surrounded by the Briton soldiers (alongside Lady Uxia) and was slain.

Cornelius never really became himself after that night. He still fought in the battles, but never with the same passion as before. He found a small degree of meaning with the coterie known as The Brotherhood of Brodhar, however, and stayed with them for more than 150 years. In AD 616, shortly after the Battle of Deva, Cornelius ventured into the forests of Cymru and descended into the Sleep of Ages.


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