Clan Ventrue

Clan Ventrue, or the Warlords, as they are also called, are the predominant vampires of Britannia. Hailed from the Inconnu Warlords of Rome and it’s allies, they arrived with the Legions and settled on the island. Ever since the arrival of Mithras, the Warlords have dominated politics in Britannia, ruling vampiric courts and influencing mortal rulers to their liking. They have formed factions, forged, shattered and betraying alliances, waged their wars and struggled to maintain their grip on the vague concept of civilization.

Here is a list of the most notable Warlords of Britannia, as well as those figuring in the chronicle. Since they themselves are so fond of lineage, I have listed them according to their bloodlines (at least in those cases where it’s possible).

The “Mithraic” Bloodline:


   Lucius Varro


         Servilius the Younger




         Vivia Valerius Vetus



      Quintus Amatius Arvina

         Decima Volumnius Cincinnata





   Marcus Verus

      Titus Flaccius

   Geraint ap Mithras

      Carrodh ap Geraint

The “Augustine” Bloodline:


   Gnaeus Septimus Luca

      Julia Atius Servilia





   Valerius Marcon

      Beli ap Marcon





         Pius Gracchus


The “Alexandrine” Bloodline:









      Claudius Fulvo

         Erilos Gallo



Other Bloodlines:




Clan Ventrue

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