Clan Toreador

Clan Toreador, or the Artisans as they’re called, were the third Clan to rule the Roman Nights, alongside Clan Ventrue and Clan Malkavian. Naturally, this setup extended to other parts of the Empire, and thus to Britannia. The Artisans prowled the streets of Roman society, inspiring and musing writers, poets, artists and musicians. They influenced culture among High and Low, even in Britannia, were they were captivated by the native Britons bloody pagan religion and feral beauty. Other Toreador became soldiers and rulers, ensuring that the mortal culture and inspiration flourished in all places. In recent nights many have lost their place, but as a Clan the Artisans will always find new meaning, even amongst the “barbaric” peoples.

This list of Artisans encompasses the most influential and known among the Clan, and also those of lower station whom have made an appearance in the chronicle.



      Sextius Flavius Trebia






















      Lucas the Younger




Olaf Sigmundson

Michel d’Armand

   Jeanine d’Aquitaine

Clan Toreador

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