Clan Malkavian

Clan Malkavian, or simply the Madmen, have a long history in Britannia. As one of the three Clans dominating the Roman Empire, the children of Malkav had a position of respect unheard of amongst the Low Clans. This was also true in Britannia. Malkavians joined with the Legions and nobles of Rome as prophets, confidants and scribes and settled on the island. During these later days the Madmen have lost a lot of their prestige, as the Elders have vanished or sank into deep madness, while the younger vampires simply haven’t found their place in this world. Formerly employed as spies or advisors, Clan Malkav struggles to find meaning in this world of madness.

The following are the predominant members of Clan Malkav, as well as those figuring in the chronicle. Most Malkavians don’t care much for lineage, but exceptions do exist.






   Rex Noctem







         Christophe de Rouen



      Eadberth Praen






The Lundonites

During the late 8th century, a new curious “bloodline” of vampires emerged in southern Britannia, and has slowly spread to other parts of the country. Referred to as “The Soul Eaters”, they are commonly believed to hail from the Malkavian Clan. Even though Leofric the Haunted is the eldest known member of the bloodline, the presence of others are evidence enough that some elder progenitor should exist somewhere. What mark these strange vampires will leave in the history of the isles, time shall tell.







Clan Malkavian

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