Clan Gangrel

Clan Gangrel, or the Animals, are rumored to be the first of the vampiric Clans in Britannia, predating even the Ventrue and the Toreador. Their ancient progenitors visited the islands and left their childer to roam the wilds, defending their domains from Lupine and vampiric incursions alike. Some Animals have become the troopers of the vampiric wars, as their ferocious demeanor is well suited to this end. Others have become messengers and even lords themselves. Clan Gangrel is set to stay on the island no matter what the opposition.

Surprisingly enough, the Animals take pride in their lineage. A notable number of the clan, especially those on Via Bestiae, can recite their lineage back to Ennoia, their ancient founder. Here are the Gangrel of Britannia:







      Falccius Sempronius


   Caius Tadius Lupus





























      Sweyn Bloodbeard

         Ingwar Bloodbeard



Clan Gangrel

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