Clan Brujah

Clan Brujah, or the Zealots as they´re sometimes called, are nowadays quite numerous in Britannia. Considering the past enmity of the clans, Clan Brujah had a hard time in Britannia during the Roman era, since many of the elder vampires in the area belonged to Clan Ventrue. The Zealots of Britannia come from a variety of bloodlines, and aren’t as strict when recording them as the Warlords. Clan Brujah has made a name for themselves as champions of the Empire, justice-seeking satraps or simple revolutionaries or invaders.

This list of Zealots are the most notable members of the Clan, or simply those found in the chronicle. Childer are found under their respective sires. Here we go.





            Chùlain ap Gwen





         Gaius Aegius


               Caoimhin Mac Eraad




            Espen Sharpaxe

      Iago Silvertongue












Ian Adler

Clan Brujah

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