Brodhar is a Prodigal Animal, and the founder of the once famous coterie called The Brotherhood of Brodhar. She currently serves the Celtic Alliance, tasked by Geraint ap Mithras to the unique office of Lawgiver.

Brodhar was born as the daughter of a simple hunter near the Roman fortess city of Isca Augusta in the early 4th century. Her mortal life was peaceful, until a local tax collector decided to exert his authority over the poor family. They had struggled with poor hunting for some time, and therefore were overdue with their tax payments. The collector offered to help the family, in exchange for some “quality time” with the 17-year old Brodhar. As her parents refused, he became angry, abducting the girl and ordering his thugs to blind the horrified father.

He kept Brodhar as his personal slave for almost half a year, until she managed to stab him with a knife during breakfast. She fled home, discovering that her family had died of starvation, since her father couldn’t continue hunting after being blinded. She was horrified, and fled further into the woods, escaping her pursuers. There she met her sire, Minos, who was impressed by the young girls tenacity, and Embraced her on the spot. Freshly awoken undead, Brodhar frenzied, slaughtering her pursuers while her sire watched from a safe distance.

She only spent a few nights with her sire, appalled by his feral ways, and sought other company. She found the Zealot Warrior Lancius, and he became her mentor. As her knowledge of the world of cainites grew, she became more determined to act as the protector of humanity, even if it meant opposing those who ruled the night. At first she gathered a band of raiders, assaulting noble land holders and trade caravans, sharing her bounty with the poor people in the rural areas. Later she formed the famous coterie, which she used to further her goals.

In AD 616, after the Battle of Deva, her coterie was dissolved by defeat and treachery, and Brodhar was struck with lament over the loss of so many lives, her own followers among them. She entered the service of Octavius Sibius, the new lord of the city, both as a means of paying him back for saving her life during a Lupine attack, and to get some time to think about her goals and meaning. She served as his personal envoy to the mortal Kingdom of Powys, as well as a watcher over his newly Embraced childe, Selyf Sarffgadau. Later she became the unofficial link between Octavius in Deva and various celtic lords, most notably Geraint ap Mithras. Her ability for shapechange served her well in this role which allowed her to quickly travel long distances.

In the mid-8th century, after Octavius had stepped down from the seat of Deva in favor for his ally, Marcus Verus, Brodhar settled permanently in the Celtic West, having already gained great familiarity with its geography, people and also the politics of the Celtic Alliance. In 789, she is officially named “Lawgiver of the Alliance” by Geraint, an office with immense power and the right to end conflict among the lords of the Alliance. Her age, just nature and moral code grants her great respect among the western lords, even if she is of the Low Blood. She bases her laws on the Traditions and enforces them quite vividly, and never tolerates injustice. The southern lords of Cymru, those unhappy with Geraint’s “tyrannical rule” often accuse her of just being his lackey, but she has proven them wrong several times, and she is one of the few cainites in the west with the courage to stand up to Geraint himself and tell him when he is wrong. So far, he tolerates her.

Brodhar is currently visiting the southeastern marches of Cymru, near the borders with Mercia, to investigate reports of rebellious activity.


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