The Island of Britannia

The island of Britannia is the core of the chronicle. The choice of “Britannia” instead of “Britain” is purely for artistic reasons (however, vampires are conservative beings, so the Roman name of Britannia is indeed used for a very long time after the fall of the Empire). The Chronicle starts in the year AD 407, when the last Roman legions withdraw from the province, and ends somewhere in the mid-12th century. During these 700 years the island is going to face raiders, invasions, civil wars, mass hysteria and the rise and fall of nations, faiths and leaders.

This part of the wiki deals with the land itself. It’s history and basic geography is presented as well as locations central to the chronicle. Disclaimer! This is not an official view of the history. This is fiction. Even if I have made some research and will be using some names, persons and events that did in fact occur in reality, it is used with artistic freedom and shouldn’t be considered a lesson in history. Also, many places and persons didn’t exist (or there’s really no telling), which will impact the story and setting. So take this where it comes from. If you are annoyed by certain errors from a historical point of view, quit reading and buy yourself a history textbook. End of Disclaimer.

I have divided the issue of Britannia in the following sections:

Note that this chronicle is still in play. Certain facts and events will be changed and updated as the story goes on, as well as the corresponding pages. If you find anything that seems wrong, or a fact that contradicts something else on this page, let me know and I’ll make corrections och clarifications.


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