Bodgar is a Scion of Clan Brujah. He is the only childe of the Zealot warlord Ewyana, and an accomplished Elder. He currently holds the position of Seneschal in the city of Eoferwic, where he does his best to rein the impulses of Prince Anna.

Bodgar was born in the city of Eboracum, in the lands held by The Angles, in AD 539. He was a quiet boy, who seldom participated in the war games of the stronger boys, preferring instead to study, and hence became the apprentice of Prince Aethelric’s (son of King Ida) personal scribe. This drew the attention of Ewyana, whom had the prince as her thrall for several years. One night night in AD 557, Ewyana approached the young Bodgar, offering him tutelage for his help in “molding” the king-to-be into her plans. Two years later, when King Ida died and Aethelric assumed the leadership, Ewyana offered Bodgar the Embrace, and he accepted.

The Vampire Bodgar was very unlike his sire, the fierce warrior-lord, preferring instead to use subtle means to get his way. He served his sire for many years, with his insight into the mortal ways, advising her how best to turn the Kingdom of Bernicia into a powerful tool. In AD 585, Eboracum was conquered by Hussa, King of Deira, and Aethelric killed. Bodgar rescued the young prince Aethelfrith and presented him to Ewyana, who had been absent during the event. Bodgar then assisted his sire in tutoring the prince for a few years, until he was ready to regain his throne. At that time, Ewyana was set on transforming the kingdom into something even larger. As Ewyana set her plans in motion, Bodgar watched and learned, and occasionally befriended other cainites, such as Eiwar and Morita, behind his sire’s back. His resentment towards Ewyana’s violent methods grew, but he said nothing, knowing he would never survive an encounter.

In AD 616, 12 years after Aethelfrith had conquered Deira, he set out to war against The Britons in the west. Ewyana and Bodgar accompanied them, to the city of Deva. Following the defeat of Ewyana at the hands of Octavius, the Battle of Deva and the fall of Valerius Marcon, Bodgar assumed the role of Sheriff in Deva, a position he held for decades to come.

In AD 747, when Octavius stepped down from the throne of Deva in favor of his ally, Marcus Verus, Bodgar decided to leave. After some traveling he arrived in his old home city of Eboracum (nowadays called Eoferwic), where he approached the Prince, Anna. After some initial conflicts, the younger prince allowed Bodgar to stay as his councelor. Bodgar has since then worked hard to contain Anna’s outbursts of tyranny to a manageable level and helped turn Eoferwic into one of the most important cities in entire Britannia, even after the “Golden Age” of Northumbria had long faded.


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