Beli ap Marcon

Beli ap Marcon (or Beli ap Valerius according to himself), was a Neonate of Clan Ventrue, and the childe of Valerius Marcon. He was a walker on Via Regalis.

In his mortal days, his name was Beli ap Rhun, King of Gwynedd since the mid-6th century. He was the son of Rhun ap Maelgwn, one of the greatest kings of Gwynedd. He was approached by the Prince of Deva Victrix shortly after he became king himself, and eventually became his ghoul, receiving tutelage and education prior to his Embrace, which ocurred in AD 599, the same year that he “died” and was succeeded by his son, Iago ap Beli.

He remained in Gwynedd, where he was the power behind the throne, in fact ruling Gwynedd from the shadows in the name of his sire. When King Aethelfrith of Bernicia declared war upon the Celtic kingdoms in AD 616, he took action even before ordered so by his sire. Utilizing his superior knowledge of mortal politics in the west, he managed to rally the armies of three entire kingdoms (Gwynedd, Powys and Rhos) into the defense of their neighboring city-state.

He was summoned to the court room of his sire, shortly before the Battle of Deva. Without the organizing ability of Beli, the Celtic factions were unable to work out a functioning battle plan, which resulted in the catastrophic battle. Some opinions claim that this was the main reason for the almost total annihilation of the celtic forces by the hands of the Bernicians. In the court room of Valerius Marcon, Beli fought the coterie led by Octavius Sibius. Although he fought well, the superior experience of the opponents eventually overwhelmed him and he met Final Death by the fangs of the Lamia warrioress Fherah.

Beli ap Marcon

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