Shadow of a Horned God

Shadow of a Horned God is a chronicle for Dark Ages: Vampire, situated on the Island of Britain. The Chronicle spans over several centuries, telling an epic story about the fall of the Roman Empire, the barbaric and Anglo-Saxon invasions of Britain and the rise of the English Nation, ending with the strife following the invasion of William the Conqueror and his rise to power. As the world of the undead mirrors mortal society, this period of time is a harsh struggle to maintain ones domains in the face of bloodthirsty invaders and rebellious upstarts. As the Horned God grows tired and enters the Sleep of Ages, he leaves a legacy of violence and bloodshed that will continue until he once again awakens and claims his rights to rule the nights of Britain.


This page is divided into different sections, each containing different areas of the chronicle. This is only for an easier overview though, the sections will be linking to each other anyway. Here is the sections you can start with:

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Shadow of a Horned God

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