Yann, also known as “The Two-Week Prince”, was an Ancillae of Clan Malkavian, the childe of Aidalos and a rather unremarkable Scion. His most noteworthy accomplishment is holding the office of Prince in the city of Londinium for exactly two weeks during the month of Februarius in the year AD 542.

Yann, a Briton thief in his mortal days, was Embraced during the final nights of Roman rule in Britannia, while Lucius Varro reigned in the capital. He received some tutelage onto the Via Regalis from a member of the Prince’s court. He was often employed by the Seneschal, Servilius the Elder, especially after the events leading to the death of Symeon in AD 461. During those times, he was a member of the Ventrue Elder’s information network, despite his rapidly increasing Paranoia. In AD 491, when the city was sacked by Aelle, he accompanied Servilius the Elder to Verulamium, where he stayed for several decades.

In AD 542, he was appointed by Servilius to ascend the throne of Londinium, after the mysterious disappearance of the previous Prince the year before. The Elder’s view of the unpredictable Madman as expendable was quite obvious. Yann wasn’t very fond of the idea but couldn’t resist the persuasive tongue of his master. His paranoid delusions ascended the throne with him. Hearing rumors about the fate of his predecessor weeks before his ascension only fed fuel to his paranoia. He saw assassins in each shadow, treachery in the eyes of every Cainite coming to greet him. He became obsessed with hiding, frequently lurking the streets of Londinium for signs of his coming demise. Rumors arose of him siring a childe during these two weeks.

Two weeks later, he simply vanished. If indeed caught by unknown assassins or falling prey to his own delusions is a matter best left untouched. With his disappearance came a halt in the appointment of Prince’s in Londinium, which lasted for more than thirty years, until the return of Rowena.


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