Via Peccati

Via Peccati (also called Road of Sin) is one of the five major Roads that exist in Cainite existence. It’s members are called Sinners. It teaches that the Cainite Beast is a sophisticated monster, best kept in check by satiating it’s hunger and engaging in the acts best suited to it’s needs. Many of it’s members are seen as decadent slaves to their basic lusts, while others envy the freedom they impose on themselves. They are individualistic rebels, whose personal needs outweigh all other aspects of their unlife. It is also a relatively new Road, having emerged within the last few centuries, only gaining the status of a “major Road” quite recently. It is most commonly found in the less noble Clans, but surprisingly enough, also within the noble Clan Ventrue and Clan Toreador.

The Road is also divided into minor “Paths”, which emphasize on different aspects and have different approaches to the Road. They are not organized by any means, which is not unsurprising when discussing a Road which teaches not to trust anyone but oneself. They do, however, have social needs, and therefore sometimes organize “feasts”, where members from different parts of the country meet and engage in carnal orgies of flesh and blood.

Here is a list of prominent Sinners in Britannia, as well as those who have made an appearance in the chronicle. Being the least common Road in this age, the list is not very impressing. They are listed according to name and clan, as well as a note in the cases deemed necessary (for example in the case of a minor Path being followed or converts from another Road).

Clan Brujah

Suetonius (Path of Cruelty)


Clan Malkavian

Ristophanes (changed from Via Humanitatis)

Shaqifa (Path of Pleasure, changed from Via Humanitatis)

Julia (Path of Pleasure)

Clan Nosferatu


Clan Toreador


Aethiae (Path of Cruelty)

Clan Ventrue






Other Clans

Erit (Ravnos)

Via Peccati

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