Via Caeli

Via Caeli (also called Road of Heaven), is one of the five major Roads in Cainite society. It’s adherents are called Faithful. The Road teaches more than anyone else that the Cainite condition is truly a curse from God, and only through servitude to him can anyone be free from the ravages of the Beast. The Road has existed for far longer than the fledgling faith of Christianity, but many of its adherents have noticed that the Church is a powerful instrument for the enlightenment of mankind. Via Caeli have not been a powerful factor in Britannia as of yet, simply because the islands feral ways have not proved interesting enough for the Faithful. Many of those following the Road belong to Clan Lasombra or Clan Nosferatu, the former for their southern traditions of manipulating the Church, and the latter for their apparent cursed appearances might warrant a strong faith.

A few variations (“Paths”) to this Road exist in these nights, and more are sure to follow in darker times ahead. The Road has not yet been organized into the Church-like hierarchy of later nights, but many members have begun to notice the need for better organization. Some members are rallying behind the reemerging Christian faith on the isles to further their goals.

This is a list of prominent Faithful Cainites in Britannia as of now. Also lesser important characters who have made an appearance in the chronicle are included. They are listed according to their name, clan and a note of importance (whether having converted from another Road or is following a minor Path, for example).

Clan Brujah



Clan Gangrel



Clan Lasombra

Flaevius (Path of Divinity)

Estefan (Path of Divinity)



Clan Malkavian



Clan Nosferatu



Abrachoz (Changed from Via Humanitatis)

Lysander (Path of Penitence)

Clan Toreador


Lucas (Path of Penitence, changed from Via Regalis)

Clan Ventrue

Quintus Amatius Arvina

Julia Atius Servilia


Other Clans

Minerva (Cappadocian, changed from Via Ossium)

Gilash (Salubri)

Via Caeli

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