Via Bestiae

The Via Bestiae (also called Road of the Beast) is one of the main Roads which a Cainite uses to maintain his grip on his Beast. It’s followers are called Ferals by members of the other Roads. It emphasizes on letting the Beast run free, the importance of the hunt and that the mastery of the Beast is only achievable by sating it’s hunger. It’s members are often found in the wilds, where they claim vast territories as their hunting grounds and protect them fiercely. Most of them doesn’t partake in the politics of the other Roads, but often find themselves caught in the middle of wars and are forced to choose sides. The road is one of the most numerous in Britannia, and particularly common among the Animals and the Lepers.

The vast majority of it’s followers follow the main Road, but a few minor “Paths” exists also. Some of them are quite influential in the Road while others consist of only a few members, in Britannia at least. The members of the Road as a whole (including the minor Paths) meet each other in meetings called Gatherings at irregular intervals, to tell tales, take up challenges and discuss matters that affect the Road.

Here is a list of influential members of the Road in Britannia, as well as those who have had an appearance in the chronicle. They are listed by their name and clan, as well as a note in those cases that are needed (if the character has changed Roads or follow a minor Path, for instance).

Clan Brujah

Hamar (Path of the Savage)


Wymer (Path of the Nomad)

Clan Gangrel




Swanhilda (Path of the Savage)



Bren (Path of the Savage)

Corax (Path of the Savage)


Graenell (Path of the Savage)

Otkatla (Path of the Nomad)

Wythe (Path of the Hunter)

Breed (Path of the Hunter)


Angwar (Path of the Savage)

Ulfgwar (Path of the Hunter)

Clan Malkavian

Khamudi (Path of the Nomad)


Tygwailh (Path of the Nomad)

Clan Lasombra



Clan Nosferatu


Gwyrthgweln (Path of the Savage)


Hamilcar (Path of the Hunter)

Clan Toreador




Clan Ventrue

Ishilda (Path of the Savage)


Other Clans

Ermedumnou (Cappadocian)

Morghien (Salubri) (Path of the Savage)

Dierdre (Lhiannan)

Via Bestiae

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