Valerius Marcon

Valerius Marcon, “the Traditionalist”, is an Elder of Clan Ventrue, a notable Scion and a childe of Augustus. Believed to be more than 900 years old, he is one of the eldest active Cainites in Britannia. He currently rests in Torpor in his old haven in Deva Victrix, as a result from injuries received during the usurpation of his throne by Octavius Sibius.

Valerius Marcon arrived in Britannia very early, decades before the arrival of Mithras. Already an Elder at that time, he assumed the title of Prince in Deva Victrix, after a secret pact with another Elder in the city, the Cappadocian Minerva. He became known as a traditionalist, mimicking Cainite society of Rome itself. He was one of the Elders in Britannia who later came to oppose Mithras rather violent form of rule. He never openly opposed Mithras, as this would have been treason to the letter of his oaths (as every Prince of Britannia were forced to swear oaths of fealty against Mithras), instead speaking against his course of action.

In the late 4th century, Valerius Marcon descended into a deep melancholic apathy, resulting from stress and failure to spread his vision across Britannia. His state of mind was exploited by a pair of Baali infiltrators trying to establish a powerful cult in Britannia. Their efforts came to an end by the hands of a group of ambitions ghouls in AD 407, in a series of complicated events involving several Cainites across Britannia. After the disappearance of Mithras three years later, he regained his ambition as he saw his chance to work without the hindrance of the Ancient.

During the 5th century, Valerius Marcon was involved in several important events, including the failed coup of Marcus Verus in AD 450 and the forming of the Triat Axis the same year. He ultimately withdrew his influence in southern Britannia following the invasion of Aelle and the battle for Anderida in AD 491. He entered a fragile alliance with Decima Volumnius Cincinnata of Lindum Colonia, which lasted until AD 616, and the Battle of Deva.

During the battle he was assaulted by a coterie of younger Cainites, led by his own vassal Octavius Sibius, in his throne room. He was struck into torpor during the battle, and laid into his former haven, currently the haven of Octavius, who assumed the title after him.

Valerius Marcon

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