Symeon, also known as “The Rat of Londinium”, was a Nosferatu Elder in Londinium until his demise in the late 5th century. He walked the Via Humanitatis and was well known for his excessive informational network throughout Britannia.

Symeon was born in a Jewish family in the city of Mycenae in Greece in the late 1st century BC. His family were quite rich and owned a significant amount of land. His life was typical for a man of his standing; He married a Jewish woman from Tyrus at the age of 20, had several children and grandchildren and led quiet life, working in the money-lending business. One night, at the age of almost 60, Symeon was on his way home from the synagogue when approached by a leprous beggar wearing only rags. Appalled by the beggar’s appearance, he first tried to avoid him, but when he became more tenacious, started hitting and poking the poor man with his staff. It was then that a creature leaped out from the shadows and sank it’s fangs in the throat of Symeon. While lying on the ground, dying, it whispered in his ear: “By the Gods, I’ll teach you some humility!”, before pouring it’s vile blood down his throat.

For almost a week Symeon screamed in agony as his body was twisted and transformed into a horrific parody of a human being. After coming to his senses, he was a monster, far more terrible than any leper, and his sire explained to him that he had an eternity to make amends before himself and his God. Symeon eventually accepted his new condition, and traveled to Britannia with his sire in AD 60, after being tutored onto the Via Humanitatis.

In Britannia, he quickly adapted to the traditional role of his Clan, spying on political rivals to the Throne of Londinium. After the the Final Death of his sire in AD 218 (by the hand of his third childe, Lucilla), Symeon was appointed Spymaster by Mithras. He quickly overtook his sire’s contacts and tenaciously began collecting information for his Prince. He sired two childer, who he employed in his contact network. In AD 407, after failing to foresee the treason of Lucius Varro, Symeon lost most of his confidence from the Ventrue of the city, instead employing private spies. After Varro had ascended to the throne in AD 410, he formally lost his position.

In the 5th century, Symeon mostly kept to the company of Lancius, while contemplating on his existence, and how to make amends for his failures. In hopes of regaining some trust, he helped Varro forge the Triat Axis alliance with Valerius Marcon and Rowena. After Rowena’s deceit in AD 461, the Warlord suspicions were immediately cast upon Symeon, who was again taken by surprise and was forced to flee. Three years later, he was found and succumbed to the Amaranth by the fangs of Vivia Valerius Vetus.


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