Shaqifa, formerly known as “The Oracle of Lindum”, is a Malkavian Merchant residing in the city of Dubris. A former Egyptian slave, Shaqifa received her Embrace by the wanderer Eriond after a complicated web of instances in the autumn of AD 407. Former lover of Lady Uxia and a walker on Via Humanitatis, Shaqifa traveled with Octavius Sibius and Hector Augustinus for several decades and oversaw their mutual trading network. In the winter of AD 450, she rejected her previous existence upon meeting the Ventrue Corinne in Lindum Colonia, an event which also led her to commit Amaranth upon the Ventrue Brienne and the Toreador Harmonicus. She became a famous Voluptuary, building a cult of mortal worshipers around her in her new haven in Lindum.

For almost two centuries she led this existence, but also contributed greatly to “Cainite infrastructure”, in the form of “Road Havens” along the former Roman Roads, in which Cainite travelers could find shelter during the day. On the downside, she also contributed to the downfall of Lindum into deep decadence, most evident in the state of it’s Ventrue Prince, Decima Volumnius Cincinnata. She suffers from Visions (although she would herself refer to it as a blessing), which led her to receive the reputation of “Oracle”. In AD 616, she received several disturbing “dreams” centering on a mysterious figure calling himself “The Lord of the Night”. These visions later led to the exposal of Rex Noctem and the affair concerning a certain Covenant of Death...

In AD 633, after a period of deep melancholy and inner searching, Shaqifa decided to end her current existence and start anew. A decision which she cemented with an act of extreme cruelty as she set Lindum ablaze. The inferno claimed the unlives of almost every resident Cainite in the city, including Shaqifa’s own childe, Julia. After this she withdrew into seclusion for several decades, until she emerged with renewed willpower and goals, having forsaken her Road again for Via Mercator. She settled in the city of Dubris, away from her enemies in East Anglia, where she became a consort for Queen Rowena and began building a trading network.

In AD 821, she departed for Constantinople in the company of Octavius and Hector (and also Aurora and Fherah), where she has stayed for more than four decades, establishing new contacts and trading arrangements. She is rumored to be returning to Britannia in the near future, and what her new experiences will bring to the Isles remains to be seen.


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