Servilius “The Elder”, also called “The Loyal”, was an Elder Scion of Clan Ventrue. He was the former Seneschal to Lucius Varro until the sacking of Londinium by Aelle, and to Mithras before him. He was a well respected and powerful vampire who held the office of Prince in Verulamium prior to his death by the hands of Savages in AD 616.

Servilius’ mortal life wasn’t outstanding in any significant way. He was born the eldest son of a high ranking Senator in the city of Rome, hailing from an old and well respected noble family. His first encounter with the supernatural came very early, at the age of 12. His father had been the loyal servant of a powerful Roman Ventrue for almost his entire life, but was killed during the upheaval following Julius Caesar’s rise to power. The vampire didn’t wish to lose the services of this noble family, and thus visited the young master at night.

Servilius served the vampire loyally, first as a boy, learning about the cainite society and the business of the night, and later (after reaching early adulthood), as a Ghoul. He learned the trade of politics from the masters, showing a knack for reading motivations very early, and his talents was put to good use by his regnant. In AD 64, the event occurred which would change his life. After a period of intense political strife, Rome was set ablaze by Christian mobs rebelling against the tyranny of Emperor Nero. Servilius own house (and also the haven of his master), was among those destroyed in the fire. His master met destruction in the flames, along with Servilius’ whole family, while he himself was spared, albeit with horrible scars throughout his body.

While wandering the streets of Rome, dressed in rags and shunned as a common leper, he ran into a merchant from Britannia, who took him in, by pity (or so he thought). The stranger was the Ghoul servant of Lucius Varro, who was visiting Rome as an official envoy of Mithras. The same night, he told his story to the Warlord, who then offered him his vitae. In pain, half mad from exhaustion and starved from blood, he couldn’t refuse. With his master gone, he saw no reason not to accompany this new lord of the night, and traveled with him to Britannia, where he was Embraced with the blessing of The Living God.

Despite his appearances (his burn scars seemed to never completely heal), he became a successful politician in Londinium. He held important offices in many of the major cities of Britannia (including Lindum Colonia, Eboracum, Glevum and Aquae Sulis), where he broadened his network of contacts. Mithras trust in this loyal subject grew with time, and eventually led to the appointment to the office of Seneschal in AD 189 (after the previous owner, the Elder Gnaeus Septimus Luca had succumbed to the Sleep of Ages). He had a short dispute with the Zealot Lancius in his first decades as Seneschal, an enmity which has persisted into recent nights. He loyally served his lord for more than two centuries, and also sired three childer, until that fateful night in AD 407.

Servilius had somehow managed to be informed of his sire’s impending treason (popular rumors suggest Khoraxoz, but the truth has stayed hidden thus far), and was on his way to Londinium after a visit to Camulodunum to report this to his master, when his path was blocked by Varro’s men. He was taken prisoner, and brought to the Mithraeum in Londinium where his sire awaited him. After a brief conversation, Servilius assaulted his sire in rage, and was staked by the Elder.

It took almost a month before he was found, and by then had already deteriorated into torpor. Mithras was furious at his servants failure, and in a display of rare cruelty ordered him buried behind a stone wall in his own haven. A few years after Varro had ascended the throne, he released Servilius and brought him back from torpor using his own blood. He was given the option of servitude at his former office, or destruction, which Servilius had no right to deny (Varro was, after all, the Prince, and his Elder by more than a century). Once reinstated as Seneschal, Servilius once again took his position very seriously, serving his sire for the better part of the century.

When Rowena had betrayed the Triat Axis in AD 461 and started her war, Servilius served by having his agents assassinate many of the Jute warlords. He was also the designer of a plan which lured Rowena’s spymaster, the Nosferatu Ancilla Abrachoz, into a trap and sent him to torpor. In AD 491, after Anderida had fallen and Aelle’s forces neared Londinium, he was ordered by his sire to leave the city. Incapable of disloyalty, Servilius left the city against his own wishes, and witnessed the flames ravaging his beloved city from afar.

He came to Verulamium shortly thereafter, and in an elegant show of political finesse, wrested control from the Toreador Elder Cletia in a matter of nights. He monitored the events in Londinium, carefully probing the city after the right opportunity to return. He had several agents and servants inside the city of chaos, patiently awaiting the right moment to appoint the “legitimate” successor to the Throne of Londinium. However, any pretenders have been short-lived. While engaged in several attempts to form alliances with various princes on the island, and in a political war against the “revivified” Rowena, Servilius was assaulted by a coterie of Savages, among them his youngest childe, Ishilda. Despite the efforts of another coterie visiting his domain, led by the newly appointed Prince of Deva Victrix, Octavius Sibius, Servilius met his demise and was diablerized by the Madman Prometheus in AD 616.


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