A Road (in Latin, Via) is the term used for the various teachings which focus on maintaining a Cainites hold on his/her Beast. Every vampire must follow among one of the roads unless he is to be mastered by his Beast and degenerates to a savage being with hunger and rage as the only motivations.

There exist five major Roads, and several minor Roads. The major Roads are the most commonly found, not only in Britannia but in every part of the world where vampires exist. They are quite broadly described, with a lot of ways to interpret their teachings. The minor Roads are less common, often only found within a single Clan or Bloodline, and also more specialized, and sometimes also harder to follow. In addition, most Roads offer specialized minor “Paths”, which can be followed if the Road doesn’t offer the direction needed. Also, several Cainites have devised their own variations to their own Roads, modifying them until they fit their own lifestyle. Sometimes they are organized into a distinct Path (or in some cases, entire Road), when enough followers are gained.

Here is a list of the Roads (and their different Paths) currently available in Britannia. This information will be updated as new Paths appear or older ones disappear.

Major Roads

Via Bestiae, also called Road of the Beast

   Via Praedator, also called Path of the Hunter

   Via Erronis, also called Path of the Nomad

   Via Feritas, also called Path of the Savage

Via Caeli, also called Road of Heaven

   Via Divinitatis, also called Path of Divinity

   Via Pinaculum, also called Path of Penitence

Via Humanitatis, also called Road of Humanity

   Via Anima, also called Path of Breath

   Via Communitas, also called Path of Community

   Via Vireo, also called Path of Vigor

Via Regalis, also called Road of Kings

   Via Tyrannus, also called Path of the Tyrant

   Via Consuasor, also called Path of the Vizier

Via Peccati, also called Road of Sin

   Via Voluptarius, also called Path of Pleasure

   Via Crudelitas, also called Path of Cruelty

   Via Quiritare, also called Path of Screams

Minor Roads

Via Sanguinius, also called Road of Blood

Via Ossium, also called Road of Bones

Via Noctis, also called Road of Night

Via Paradoxi, also called Road of Paradox

Via Serpentis, also called Road of the Serpent


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