Clan Cappadocian

The Clan of Death, or the Graverobbers, have had a shy presence in Britannia. They used to number at least a dozen members, of whom several were elders, until quite recently, when several individuals either have been slain in the countless wars or simply vanished. Since the mid-5th century, only a handful of these vampires remain in Britannia.


   Lucian Minorus

   Hector Augustinus

      Eowa of Mercia








Clan Salubri

The Luminaries have a very small representation in Britannia, perhaps due to the Clan being tied down in other places of the world in their war against the dreaded Baali. Those that do live on the island have often managed to create a name for themselves, as befit one of the First Cursed.

Lady Uxia


   Octavius Sibius

      Selyf Sarffgadau

      Caddoc ap Ishmael



   Claudine d’Anjou

Clan Ravnos

Only recently have the Charlatans visited the island of Britannia. As such, their number is still very small, but perhaps they will increase in the future.





Clan Tzimisce

The Fiends, whose ancient and traditional home is in the lands of Transdanubia in the east, are naturally very rare this far from there. If, however, one of them would be able to settle on Britannia, he would be hard convinced to leave.

Lucius Aurelius Castor

The Lamia

The Witches or Gorgons, as they sometimes are called, haven’t existed for that long a time yet, and considering the small amount of Cappadocians in Britannia, their weak numbers are very understandable. Those who do come here, take their work of protecting the Clan of Death very seriously.



Followers of Set

In the past, enmity between thePrince of Londinium and the Setites have prevented the Serpents from settling in Britannia. They have made some appearances though, and maybe will return now that their ancient enemy no longer opposes them.





Clan Assamite

The Banu Haqim have obviously not had many incursions this far from their ancient homeland. Once they do, though, they most certainly have a reason for doing so.


The Baali

Those few times a Shaitan is exposed as a member of the dreaded bloodline, they┬┤re work is usually done. A very few members of the other Clans see them as more than pests, and those who do often sees them as enemies.




The Lhiannan

Britannia is in fact a very common place for the Druids. Although the bloodline have never been and probably never will be especially large in numbers, they have prospered among the Celtic population and the ancient Britons. However, they are very secretive, and considering the large amount of Animals in Britannia, they are not soon to expose themselves in public.




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