Octavius Sibius

Ishmael (formerly known as Octavius), also known as “The Conqueror Prince” and “The Warrior Mediator”, is a former Scion of Clan Salubri, presently following Via Dolorosa. He is the second childe of Lady Uxia, and was a successful Roman Centurion and commander before his Embrace and also a member of the Cult of Mithras. A durable Elder warrior, schooled as a Warlord by Valerius Marcon, “Octavius” overthrew his former Mentor with the help of his coterie and declared himself the Prince of Deva Victrix in AD 616, a goal which he had secretly been plotting since his induction into Mithras Heirs in the mid-6th century.

During his time as Prince, he became known as an ambitious “uniter”, who participated in the founding of the Mercian League, and also played a key part in its later forming into the Anglian Coalition. After a series of successful “missions” in southern Britannia (also in AD 616) he was also able to oversee the founding of the Saxon Coalition through several oaths (both Blood Oaths and ordinary) to influential leaders in the region. He gained some further respect in the aftermath of Maes Cogwy, as he participated in the great battle against the “being” Corax.

In AD 742, Octavius resigned from his post as Prince in Deva in favor for his ally Marcus Verus, instead settling in the city of Londinium. There he participated in the forming of the Anglo-Saxon Council along with the Luminary Elder Gilash as the second eldest cainite in the group. He was appointed the title of Justicar, and became known as a great mediator, journeying across the country to establish diplomatic missions and settling disputes as a neutral third part. His previous greatness and martial prowess extended his words authority even in the cases when he lacked political mandate.

In AD 821, after a series of political calamities, he tired and left Britannia on a long journey south. He was joined by four companions, Shaqifa (the former Oracle of Lindum), Aurora (his “personal” Serpent advisor), Hector Augustinus (the Prince of Glevum) and his Scourge, Fherah. Octavius arrived in Constantinople, where he studied the ancient ways of his clan, known as The Code of Samiel. He found his true calling, both politically and spiritually, and also underwent the true Blooding, which caused him to formally reject his past existence and he reemerged as Ishmael, a Martyr of God. Now rumored to be heading back to the Isles, his objectives are still shrouded in the mists of future.

Octavius Sibius

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