Lucius Aurelius Castor

Lucius Aurelius Castor, also known as “The Draconic Justicar”, is an Elder of Clan Tzimisce and a walker upon Via Regalis. Originally hailing from the area around Deva Victrix, the mortal noble and Centurion Lucius departed with the Legions in AD 407. After the defeat of the Legion he eventually found himself in Constantinople, where he met his sire, Gesu of the Clan of Fiends. He studied the koldunic arts with his sire for a few decades before settling in the village of Varna, north from the Queen of Cities. He eventually became the Prince and managed to hold this position in the face of upstarts and newcomers as the village grew into a town and later a city. He established contact with the savage lords of Transdanubia, and received assistance in the form of “immigrants” of the revenant Bratovich family, which became his loyal subjects.

In AD 616 calamity struck as Lucius suffered a catastrophic failure during a koldunic ritual, causing the Land itself to reject him. Faintly feeling the “call of the land” from the distant northwest, he began his epic journey together with his followers. First south to Constantinople, and stopping by the city of Ancona in Italy before journeying to Britannia. There he quickly made new allies, as he encountered the coterie led by Octavius Sibius whom he recognized from his mortal days. He settled in his ancient home town of Deva once again, and became the Prince’s Keeper. He later participated in the meeting which formed the Mercian League, and became one of it’s key proponents.

In AD 642, after the death of the Justicar Kaeila in the aftermath of Maes Cogwy, Castor was appointed Justicar, a position which he held for almost two centuries. During his time as Justicar, he was responsible for the Death Sentence on Aidalos, who had helped the rogue Warlord Wolghere to escape the island after the murder of Castor’s co-Justicar, Lancius. After these events, Castor held a deadly hate towards Wolghere, but didn’t own the political mandate to bring him in.

In AD 825, he resigned from his post as Justicar by staying in Deva as the province itself (now headed by Marcus Verus) left the Anglian Coalition. He has since then aided the Prince, in the joint office of Keeper, Sheriff and Scourge.

Lucius Aurelius Castor

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