Khoraxoz “the Wily”, is a Feral Leper, who have partaken in several major events throughout the history of Britannia. He is a cunning beast, never engaging in a direct confrontation unless forced to, instead preferring to use guile and subtlety to achieve his means. His current whereabouts are unknown for others than Brodhar.

Little is known of Khoraxoz before his Embrace, other than that he hails from somewhere in the northern regions of the Italian peninsula. Even his name is unknown. The Nosferatu Khoraxoz appeared in the Roman city of Mediolanum, in the early 4th century, claiming to be the childe of the Faithful prophet, Petrus. He was quickly “adopted” by a local Magister who was plotting against the Inconnu. Khoraxoz was used as the vampire’s “dirty left hand”, murdering his opponents and spying for every advantage he could find. Khoraxoz rarely had time for himself and was quickly losing his grip on his Beast. Being bound by the Blood Oath, there was little he could do but obey. An internal power struggle in the Clan of Shadows left his Regnant diablerized by his childe, and thus Khoraxoz was free.

Khoraxoz shortly encountered a wandering Gangrel, who felt pity for the ill-fated Leper, and tutored him on the Via Bestiae. This completely changed Khoraxoz, whom then vowed never to swear oaths again. He disrecognized the need for society and civilization, though, and parted ways with his mentor after some decades of tutoring. Khoraxoz formed a personal ideology, where the balance between civilization and barbarism played a key role. He came to Britannia, a place where the existing civilization was on the verge of collapsing, and decided to act as best he could to prevent the society to fall completely.

Rumors persist that it was in fact Khoraxoz whom had warned Servilius of Lucius Varro’s impending treachery, and that Khoraxoz had worked directly beneath the supervision of Mithras, but the Nosferatu himself stays silent on the matter. After the event, he settled in Lindum Colonia, acting as Prince Cutullus’ formal informant.

In the winter of AD 450, Khoraxoz played a key part in the events leading to the fall of Cutullus and the sacking of Lindum, which led him to enmity towards the city’s new masters, and was forced to leave. A few of the Toreador prince’s former allies have blamed him from not doing enough to prevent the events, but Khoraxoz rarely replies to such accusations. After the events, he settled in the area near Deva Victrix and acted as the informal informant of The Brotherhood of Brodhar.

During the late 6th century, Khoraxoz had an unfortunate run-in with the Prince of Deva, Valerius Marcon, while acting on behalf of Brodhar. The event led to Khoraxoz swearing an Oath of Fealty to the Ventrue Elder, which he painfully was forced to accept. He never spoke of this oath to anyone, and in AD 616, it was put to use, in the events before, during and after the Battle of Deva. He fought beside the prince against Octavius Sibius and his allies, and was sent into torpor by Fherah. Octavius left him to the care of Brodhar after he ascended the throne, who have not spoken of his whereabouts since then.


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