“Mistress” Kaeila, is a Prodigal Artisan, known for her beauty, calm temper, loyalty and high moral standards. She disappeared in the aftermath of Marcus Verus’ failed coup in AD 450, but has recently reappeared in the presence of Octavius Sibius, in the city of Verulamium.

Before her Embrace, Kaeila was the daughter of a tribal chieftain in the area of Armorica. She was widely famous for her beauty, and her father married her to a Roman governor in the city of Dubris, as a political spouse. The marriage wasn’t a happy one. She discovered very early that her husband’s sexual appetite required multiple mistresses, and that this was a fact known throughout the community. Even worse, he had a violent habit when drunk, which he was very often. She didn’t complain, and kept a calm facade, even as other women laughed behind her back. One night after a rather serious beating followed by a rough coupling, their household was broken into by an assassin, sent by one of her husbands political rivals. Her husband was murdered in his sleep, and Kaeila became the scapegoat. This woman, whose beauty summoned envy from every other women, and had every reason to hate her husband, couldn’t be innocent, they reasoned and she was sentenced to death by hanging. In the last moment she was rescued by a stranger, who cut her rope and ran off with her in front of the massed spectators.

Her rescuer was a ghoul in service of the cainite lord of Dubris, who had been asked by his friend, the Toreador Trudwar, to save this young woman. He had secretly watched her for several nights, entranced by her beauty and admiring her strength in the face of such hardships. When they met, he instantly Embraced her, not even giving her a choice. And so Kaeila was brought into unlife in the year of AD 304.

She proved to be as prudent as a vampire as she had been as a mortal. She never let go of her humanity, and was easily led onto the Via Humanitatis by her sire. She settled in the capital city of Londinium, where she engaged in the nightly affairs of the cainite court of Mithras, acting as the Chamberlain’s aide. She met the Zealot Morita, and they instantly fell in love. Kaeila took her obligations very seriously, and when Morita chose to leave with her sire in AD 407, she was left heartbroken. She simply couldn’t leave the court when the city (and Mithras) needed all the help it could during these dark times. Three years later, chaos broke out, and the Prince of Londinium vanished.

Before anyone had recovered from the shock, Lucius Varro appeared and ascended the throne. Kaeila had never trusted the First Son, nor liked him, and knew that she didn’t want to serve him as she had served his sire, and decided to leave Londinium. Morita returned that same night. At dusk the next night, Kaeila asked her to leave together, a sparkle of hope lit in her undead heart. Morita refused, having already sworn an oath to Varro. Kaeila’s heart was once again broken, and so she left Londinium, with her former love giving chase with her retainers. She met a coterie from Deva, who defeated her pursuers and took her in. Kaeila witnessed the Vercovicium Gathering the same year, and swore an oath that would change her future completely. She settled in Deva, where she began to seriously progress along her Via.

In AD 450, shortly after returning from a trip, Kaeila was dragged into the events during the failed coup, in which she refused to participate. She fled the wrath of Rowena to the south, and hasn’t been heard from since then. In AD 616, shortly after the Battle of Deva, she was scried upon by Hector Augustinus, who saw her being held captive in the city of Dubris. This led to the events which in turn led to her freedom, rescued by the wandering Charlatan, Janos. She is currently on her way back to Deva.


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