Iago Silvertongue

Iago “Silvertongue”, sometimes called “the Agitator” (most often by enemies of the Celtic Alliance), is an Ancillae of Clan Brujah. A walker on Via Regalis, he is well respected by his peers in the Alliance, especially those with ambitions towards the east.

Iago was born a sheep herder on the coast of Glywysing, in AD 595. As a boy, he longed for adventure and fame, and often played pranks on his village, one time even managing to have the entire village take up arms against an imaginary West Saxon raid into the area. The villagers combed the marches for several days before discovering that the entire raid was the vivid imagination of a ten-year-old.

In AD 616, Iago had the chance for real adventure when the Kings of Gwynedd and Powys joined forces to fight the invasion of the Angle warrior king, Aethelfrith. After proving his skill with spear and bow, he was allowed service in the army of king Selyf ap Cynan, and thus found his way to the Battle of Deva. The battle was a decisive defeat for the Britons, and Iago was forced to flight alongside the remnants of the Powysian soldiers.

In the woods of Powys, the small band of soldiers encountered a lone nocturnal wanderer, a battle-weary warrior of unknown heritage. Something about this stranger made Iago forget about his companions and join the stranger on his journey. They traveled together for a few months, talking about stranger subjects each night, until arriving in a cavern deep in the mountains of Cymru. It was there that the stranger revealed his identity and told Iago his name was Cornelius and that he was a cursed creature, a vampire. He told Iago that he was weary of the world and had decided to retreat for a long slumber. He presented Iago with the choice of continuing his present life, or enter the unknown world of Cainites. Obviously, Iago chose the latter.

Since his Embrace, Iago has remained largely in the Celtic West and the bordering areas, pursuing his own agendas as well as those of the Alliance. He quickly discovered his aptitude for the Presence Discipline as well as his natural communication talents, which he put to good use almost directly. In the mid-7th century, while an ambitious Neonate, Iago was swayed by the Ventrue Sinner Isandra to assist her grand plan in the Celtic Uprising, and proved to be a resourceful agitator. When the rebellion was crushed, Iago was captured by Geraint ap Mithras. Instead of destroying the young agitator, Geraint bound him by blood and set his talents to good use elsewhere, mainly in the border regions between the Alliance and the Mercian League (and later the Anglian Coalition. His actions proved very troublesome for the Mercian lords, most notably Gnaeus Septimus Luca.

His Blood Bond to Geraint has long since faded, but Iago still serves the Celtic Alliance to the best of his efforts. In AD 855, Iago was the key figure behind the annexation of Powys by the king of Gwynedd, Rhodri ap Merfyn as well as the choice to move the capital of Powys to the western fort town of Mathrafal. This event almost led to open war against Luca, whom vowed to have “the Agitator crushed, humiliated and utterly destroyed”. But Geraint wasn’t about to allow one of his best resources to go undefended, and used his political might to threaten Luca, who was forced to step back. Since then, a cold truce has been in effect in the area. Luca has, however, promised to call a Blood Hunt upon Iago should he ever enter his domain. So far, he’s been very careful not to violate the boundaries. Or not too blatantly, anyway.

Iago Silvertongue

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