Edda, also called “the Autarkis” or “the Diablerist”, is a Neonate cainite following Via Tyranus, and the childe of Caoimhin Mac Eraad.

Edda arrived in the city of Lundon as a part of a coterie of Neonates, where she entered the servitude of Caratacos, head of the Anglo-Saxon Council. She quickly became infamous for questioning the authority of the Elder, as well as engaging in a personal war against Aelflaed, former Prince of the city.

In the late autumn of AD 865, while on a mission to Verlamceaster, she apparently decided to shake off all shackles of servitude towards the Council, participating in the murder of the Council Justiciar, Lilya, whom she committed the Amaranth upon. She also participated in the murder of Wiglaf, childe of Siegfridh, during the same mission. After these events, she supposedly ordered her mortal followers to wreak havoc in Lundon, setting the cathedral and large parts of the city ablaze before fleeing in the company of her coterie north, away from the Council’s reach.

The Council quickly dispatched a search party after hearing the news, which surprisingly was led by Kyrophastos, childe of Cletia, who was rumored to have been murdered by the same coterie. The party also consisted of Baldric and Aelflaed, as well as a pair of “bloodhunters”, Conrad of Clontarf and Seyward Flynn. Edda’s coterie was traveling slowly because of their accompanying herd, and was eventually caught up by the search party in the vicinity of Venonae.

Once again, she proved to be a resourceful Neonate by organizing an ambush along the old Roman Road. The search party was caught unawares and a great slaughter ensued, which ended with a great victory for Edda’s coterie. The Elder Kyrophastos met his end, as well as both Baldric and Aelflaed, who was subsequently diablerized by Edda. After this battle, the coterie quickly continued their flight northward, supposedly towards her home town of Cetreht.


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