Coramius, also called “The Silent Warmaster”, is an Elder of Clan Ventrue, the childe of Alexander and a walker on Via Consuasor. He currently serves as the Warmaster of Marcus Verus, the Prince of Glevum.

Coramius received his Embrace somewhere in Africa during the Third Punic War in the 2nd century BC, where he was a slave serving a Roman military commander. His sire, who had been living in Egypt for some time, was on his move and wanted some company in his travels. Together they traveled from Africa to Hispania, and from there to Gaul, where his sire settled at last.

While Alexander chose to stay and investigate his options in the region, Coramius set on traveling the world, learning as much as he could. He learned languages, customs and military tactics from countless tribes in Germania, the Danube Valley, Persia and the wild, unknown regions of the northeast. He also learned much knowledge and strange ways from different Cainite Lords living on the edges of the known world. This was his lifestyle of choice for almost three centuries, until he returned to his sire in Gaul.

Alexander immediately put his talents to good use in the chaotic times before the fall of Rome. Not have inherited his sire’s charismatic radiance or force of personality, Coramius instead chose to stay in the background, exerting his influence over mortal armies through loyal proxies. After the disappearance of Mithras in AD 410, and the period of chaos which erupted throughout Britannia in the 5th century, Alexander grew more interested to know what happened on the island neighboring his domain. He sent Coramius there to act independently as an envoy and information gatherer, putting his thirst for learning into good use.

Coramius wandered the island for some time, learning it’s history, politics and customs, careful not to endanger his neutrality until the time was right. If he was acting on the orders of his sire or his own is yet to be discovered, but his neutrality ended in AD 577, shortly before the Battle of Deorham. He met Marcus Verus on his way to the battle, offering his services and information about the enemy. Although suspicious of this generosity, the young Warmaster put the information to good use.

Have it not been for Coramius help, the battle could have ended much worse for the Britons, who were hopelessly outnumbered. Since the Prince of Glevum, Caius Tadius Lupus had been slain in the aftermath of the battle, Coramius suggested Verus to succeed him, as the obviously best suited candidate. Recognizing the importance of the information received, Verus thought it best to reward this competent fellow Warlord, and offered him his own previous position of Warmaster. Coramius accepted, and entered servitude.

Coramius has since been known as an extremely cunning and calculating strategist, as well as an expert in many kinds of combat from across the world. He is very silent and discreet, never raising his voice over a strong whisper. In the nearly four decades since he received his post, he has served faithfully, and is well on his way of earning the curious trust of his younger Prince.


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