There exists an abundance of characters in Britannia. Some are simply bystanders, locals or the occasional lone wanderer, while others are powerful monarchs or bloodthirsty invaders set on leaving their mark in history. Whether they succeed or not, is up to the player characters to decide in some cases, although certain events and individuals are a bit harder to influence than others. For convenience’s sake, I’ve divided the characters into sub-categories. The sheer number of characters (at least when this page is finished), would simply make an overwhelming list to scroll through. So, without further discussion, here we go.

Player Characters

These characters are each played by individuals in our gaming group. Some have been active for a longer time than the others, while others have simply made a brief visitation to the chronicle. Please inform me of any inconsistencies in these characters information pages, since I have limited insight into the minds of these characters.

The Elders

Active through the 4th to 9th centuries, these Elders are the major figures in the events of Britannia.

The Neonates

Embraced recently in the 9th century, these young talents are struggling to find their place in a society dominated by powerful elders.

Cainites of Britannia

Shadow of a Horned God is, after all, a chronicle for Dark Ages: Vampire, and as such it is not surprising that a good portion of the characters are vampires. Therefore, I have decided to divide them according to their Clans. Here I have listed the most common Clans of Britannia, and the others are found under Others. Here we go:

It is also possible to search for a specific Cainite according to their Road. Here is a list of the available Roads in Britannia.


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