Anois, also called “the Whispering Mist” or “The Survivor of Lords”, is an Elder Gangrel, walking the Via Consuasor. She is a childe to Brocmael. A surprisingly academic Animal, she has served various lords throughout her existence, both as an adviser, law enforcer and as a spy. A firm believer in a strong leadership, Anois only serves those she deems as strong, although she has never revealed which traits she values as such.

She served Mithras as his Sheriff for several decades until his disappearance in AD 410, after which she served Lancius as his Seneschal for a while, until the destruction of Calleva in AD 455. After those events, she settled in Glevum, where she served as the Spymaster of Caius Tadius Lupus until his demise in AD 577. Deeming Marcus Verus’ lack of initiative as a sign of weakness, she refused his offer of servitude, instead traveling east, and arriving in the fortress of Anderida. She found the new ruler, Godwin, as the kind of ruler she would “serve”, and accepted his offer shortly thereafter. She served as his combined Seneschal, Sheriff and Spymaster (a position Godwin himself simply called Adviser) until AD 616, when Godwin was defeated by Gaius Aegius and the coterie of Octavius Sibius outside the ruins of Calleva, alongside his sire, Eldric.

Anois, who by this time had earned the reputation of having ill-fated lords, traveled alone for some time, until she encountered the Holy Champion, Bricius. She served as his advisor for some time, but grew increasingly weary of existence. In AD 686, Bricius was killed during the assault on Vectis, and Anois withdrew into the Sleep of Ages.

She reawakened in the early 9th century, having slept for well past a century, but quickly reasserted the situation on the isles. A few years after her awakening, she approached the Ventrue Methuselah, Gnaeus Septimus Luca, offering her servitude. Surprisingly enough (Luca was well aware of her previous reputation), he accepted and thus Anois became his Seneschal and Keeper. She has since then aided her lord in his endeavors, both martial and political during the last five decades or so.


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