Aethelwulf, the childe of Caius Tadius Lupus is a well known Elder Scion of Clan Gangrel. He was embraced during the war against Aelle and later indoctrinated into the Cult of Mithras, quickly showing a knack for leadership in addition to his martial skills. Following the demise of his sire in AD 577, Aethelwulf left the island and traveled mainland Europe for half a century.

He returned to Britannia in AD 616, and settled in the Kingdom of the West Saxons, where he assisted the growth of the Saxon Coalition. He became known as a fierce warrior, and often accompanied the Coalition forces on various military missions.

In AD 686, Aethelwulf accompanied Servilius the Younger and Bricius on their assault on the isle of With, which proved to be a tragic “Pyrrhic Victory”, as both Servilius and Bricius met their ends. Aethelwulf managed to survive as his ship was sunk offshore and thus escaped the burning inferno. After the incident, Aethelwulf took control of the isle and became its regent.

Since then, Aethelwulf has defended his isle from various attacks, most recently the Viking ones, and he has proven himself times over again. After attaining the highest attainable rank in the Cult of Mithras, Aethelwulf has cultivated his own branch of the cult among the warriors of With, which has given him a potent weapon to use against any would-be enemies. He keeps the existence of the Cult a secret, and it could very well be the most fanatical and well-organized branch of the Cult in Britannia.


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