Shadow of a Horned God

Shadow of a Horned God, Part III, Act III, Session VII

The Beginning of an Era

Three weeks have passed since the outbreak of plague and pests in Deva, and the situation have calmed down a bit. The plague is under control, and the pest infestation have started to disperse. Unfortunately, the harsh means by which the city’s “nightly authorities” have managed the situation have resulted in a broad breaking of the Sixth Tradition, and the kine is afraid to venture outside after nightfall. Eventually this will change, though.

The coterie receives an invitation from Rhydderick regarding a meeting in Tamworth, directed to all nightly lords of Mercia. Not wishing to miss an opportunity to see the start of his “dream”, Octavius decides to attend the meeting. After some preparations, the entire court is ready to depart.

It is indeed an impressive gathering of Cainites that attend the meeting in Tamworth. Apart from the court of Deva (including Castor) and Rhydderick, also Bronn and Marcus Verus shows their interest. Shortly before the beginning of the meeting, two new attendants appear, shocking most of the others; Lancius in the company of Gnaeus Septimus Luca. The latter have recently assumed the mantle of Prince in the once-again-growing city of Viroconium, giving him an righteous place among the lords of Mercia.

The meeting is very successful, and they agree on the initial foundations of the Mercian League. Among the decisions made is the creation of a new office, namely that of the _Justicar, who is to be a central law enforcer in the League. After nominations, it is agreed that three individuals will be holding this office; Kaeila, based in the city of Deva, Lancius, based in the city of Viroconium and finally Coramius, based in the city of Glevum. All of the nominated accepts their new offices. One final rule for the official meetings in the League is surprisingly proposed by Luca, and accepted by the others; the prohibition to use Disciplines during any meetings.

After the meeting, all parties return to their respective cities to deal with any issues they may have during this time of strife. The League will be meeting annually on New Years Day, if not summoned by urgent events. Thus the Third Part of this Chronicle comes to a conclusion, and the coterie will be entering a period of Downtime, which will be detailed in another part of this site…


Juniper Juniper

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